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    Massage is an old therapy art. Massage has been practiced by different cultures for hundreds of years. Today, it is recognized as a cure for tightness, stiffness and stiffness within ligaments, muscles and the tendons. It improves blood circulation and help restore align. Heat from stones activates natural healing properties in tissues, muscles, and ligaments.

    Stone massage, which is a kind of alternative therapy and bodywork that uses hot or cold stones to provide the relief of pain and to relax. The stone massage has proven to be extremely beneficial in treating a vast variety of ailments, from sore muscles to signs of cancer, anxiety and stress. The results of studies have proven that it’s effective in reducing anxiety and pain resulting from common ailments such as headaches, back pain menstrual cramps and toothaches. It is also used to treat skin problems like eczema, burns, sunburn, herpes outbreaks and herpes genital warts. Studies have shown the use of it to treat the chronic pain caused by Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. disease.

    Recent research has shown that those who were treated to a massage for an extended period of time showed less pain and tension than women who were not treated. The study concluded that decrease in tension was the most prominent advantage. This reduction in tension was shown to be a significant factor in the results of the massage. Massage that decreases tension results in greater mood, better sleep, and a greater ability to fully enjoy life. It also results in a lower heart rate and blood pressure. It can result in better sleep, more comfort from pain and less stress.

    The hot stone therapy is made for 출장 short as well as long periods of time. It is possible to select from three different types of massage therapies: traditional, heart-rate, or trigger points. Treatments lasting as long as 40 minutes may be beneficial to treat chronic tension, trigger points, and treatment of pain. If massaged using more intense techniques, it can help alleviate muscle pain. In the case of the hot stone technique a therapist holds the hand above the patient’s body and applies gentle, rhythmic warm. Warm temperatures are a great way to ease muscle pain and relax muscles.

    The type of massage which uses hot stones is in which warm water is placed on the soft tissues of the body. The effect of stones will determine the temperature of the water. The temperature of a hot stone can range from seventy-five to one hundred twenty degrees Celsius. The temperature of cold stones is lower and they are often used to treat stiff joints and muscles.

    Trigger points therapy target sensitive areas like the shoulders, back, and neck. It reduces pain in muscles and enhances the flexibility. These areas must be targeted so that you can get the greatest results. A massage therapist must always apply pressure and rhythm.

    Additionally, in addition to hot stones as well as trigger points Basalt baths that are warm are frequently used. Basalt baths are naturally colored which makes the experience pleasant. Warm water in the bath encourages improved circulation and relaxation. The best results come from regular sessions that are held at least every two or three weeks.

    Another advantage of hot stone massage is that it helps to relieve the tension in muscles. A variety of ailments, such as arthritis, tend to be associated with tension in the muscles. The therapy may help relieve muscles spasms, joint pain and stiffness. Massage therapy like this is perfect for pregnant women. Massage is a fantastic treatment for women going through labor pains.

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